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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reflections on the Alien Jigsaw "Stalking" Farce

The following has been approved by my copyright and trial attorneys.

2014 brought many revelations regarding the entire Alien Jigsaw – AJ - Katharina Wilson "stalking" debacle. I have learned a great deal about this tragic situation and there is much information that I do not have the energy or the time to get into, nor do I care to publish it unless something happens to change that. I will leave all my options open to handle appropriately this harassment and these false charges directed against me by Wilson.

My attorney has received evidence that rises above anything I have presented in my blog posts about this series of events. I have been shocked and disgusted by what I have discovered since all of these purported "stalking" claims surfaced. It has taken a long time but I have been able to piece together a great deal of information and evidence and I believe I finally see what has been going on and the motives behind it. I implore anyone with any evidence regarding Wilson's alleged "stalking" claims to contact me. No comments are published on my blog without my approval. I will put you in contact with my attorney and your communications will be confidential.

Taking events from the end of my last post "When Faced with Ongoing Harassment – Follow the Law", Wilson's website was offline again at the beginning of 2014. A PDF file was circulating on the web with the material from her November 2013 website page which contains the information I described in my previous blog. Some of these items included the "stalker" image, an incorrect version of my trip to the police station where I went to file a police report on Wilson, her claims of continued alleged harassment, and statements made by others whom Wilson had incited based upon the false allegations that she made against me. This circulation of the PDF file is more evidence that Wilson defied the Cease and Desist letters that my attorney sent her in November 2013 after her renewed attacks against me with charges of illegal activity.

Owing to the continuing harassment and false charges directed towards me by Katharina Wilson and by people who were incited by her, I followed the advice of my copyright attorneys and I hired a trial attorney to review all of my options to get this harassment to stop. When a person is faced with this kind of persistent persecution, it is important to obtain legal advice and understand the law. I had never had an experience like this and neither has anyone in my family or among my friends. I kept in contact with my local police department and they were notified in November 2013 that the provocations had resumed.

I would like to mention that the professionalism I have encountered from both my law firms and the local police department has been exemplary. I am not accustomed to discussing my personal life regarding the UFO phenomenon with people I don't know and unless you have had personal experiences, there is no way anyone could imagine how difficult this is. 

An important clue surfaced in January 2014 in a comment made by a person to a Before Its News website article which referenced the Alien Jigsaw and Katharina's claims of harassment. This comment has since been removed, but it revealed some information about these possible website blogs that Wilson claims were created by me. This comment also pointed to a new blog that was created to continue the accusations and attacks against me. This blog was http://www.alienjigsawdefender.blogspot.com/ and it contained the charges towards me that Katharina published on her Alien Jigsaw website from November 2013, including the Alien Jigsaw "stalker" image. When I checked this blog in March 2014, it was empty and it has since been deleted.

This is a portion of the comment regarding Katharina's claimed website blogs: "…I saw some people stole the true alienjigaw.blogspot.com and have it redirect to alienjigsaw.org"

I never heard of these sites before. This commenter indicates that there was a "true alienjigsaw.blogspot.com blog." Does this mean that Katharina Wilson created this alienjigsaw.blogspot.com blog? The alienjigsaw.org blog doesn't seem to exist if you specifically look for alienjigsaw.org. The alienjigsaw.blogspot.com blog is still up but it is empty. The title and screenshot are shown below. The title shows alienjigsaw.org blog so it is really confusing. It's possible the person who left the comment wasn't clear because English may not be his native language. There is an author with a man's name attributed to this blog, but there is no way to verify this identity, unless legal steps are taken to find out the true creator of this blog.


If anyone saw these blogs when they contained material, please contact me. I would like to know what material was on these blogs. If the commenter is correct, the indication is that Wilson herself had maintained a blog with Alien Jigsaw material.

There is another clue that has to do with a blogger profile that was created with the title Puzzle Publishing. This came to light in a comment left on a website using this profile stating that Katharina Wilson was no longer interested in the subject matter and was not involved with the Alien Jigsaw. As far as I know, this comment is still available on the web. The Wilsons do not seem to have a problem with this blogger profile or the statement made on this website.

This is the profile for Puzzle Publishing:

This is an important clue. The creation date is listed as January 2013 as shown in the screen shot. This is the same month and year that Katharina Wilson accused me of creating three website blogs to harass her. She specifically stated these website blogs were created on January 25th, 2013 in her March 29th 2013 diatribe against me which started this entire "stalking" debacle. Blogger does not show the exact creation date of a blog. Blogger profiles only show the month and year. This profile date is not reliable either: if the first blog post is deleted or the profile is modified, the date will change. The only way I know of for a person to know the exact creation date of a blog is if they created the blog themselves. This is a very important distinction. How did Wilson know these website blogs were created exactly on January 25th, 2013?

Why is it that with all the Wilsons' claims of harassment, cyberstalking, stalking, death threats, and identity theft, that not one DMCA was ever filed against any of these website blogs? If there are any other blogs out there that existed that contained any kind of threats or identity theft, why is there no evidence of any DMCA complaints? Wilson has had no trouble filing three baseless DMCA complaints against my blog for defending myself against her charges and her continued harassment of me, but not one complaint against the supposed threatening website blogs she said I created.

Do a search on the Chillingeffects.org DMCA database for yourself and you will not find one DMCA against any of the blogs that Katharina claims contained the threats she described. You can search on Alien Jigsaw, Katharina Wilson, Puzzle Publishing, and K Wilson to see that there are over 100 DMCA complaints filed on various websites, blogs, and torrent sites to remove her material taken from her website including her eBook. But not one of these DMCA complaints addresses the website blogs against which she claims she contacted the authorities. In a few complaints she states that the Wilsons removed their material due to cyberstalking, death threats, and identity theft, but not one complaint was made against an actual site that contained these supposed threats. I believe I know why. I also believe I know what material the detective from my police department was looking at, who created it, and from where it originated.

From what the detective told me about the kinds of information contained on these website blogs, there should have been evidence on the web available to the public – yet as far as I know, it was not publicly available. This material should have showed up in an internet search, but it didn't. I believe I know why no DMCA complaints were filed against these alleged blogs. No DMCA complaints were made against the Puzzle Publishing profile. Were this a real case of identity theft, Google has a complaint process to deal with this – yet there is no indication this was ever done. Also, the Wilsons don't seem to take issue with this profile since the comment made with this profile has been on the internet since 2013.

I contacted my police department about the alienjigsaw.org blog in 2014.

In a recent DMCA complaint, Wilson filed against a site that took a screen shot of her website from January 16, 2013:

From this screen shot of the Alien Jigsaw website from January 2013, I now realize that Wilson had already started to remove the alias "Kay Wilson" from her website before we had our falling out later in January 2013. I don't know when this name removal from her website initially started to happen, but this was months before Wilson's allegations of stalking and her later contention that she needed to protect her identity because of the "stalking."

I have further evidence that this name removal began much earlier than January 2013. I believe I know the real reason for Wilson needing to remove her names from her websites. I believe there is another agenda behind these claims and I was a scapegoat of opportunity for her "stalking" charges and name removals from her website. I believe this is also at least partly the reason for Wilson's need to get her eBook removed from the internet.

Another contradiction to her claims of "protecting her identity" on various websites: Wilson has no problem using her identity of "Katharina Wilson" on the many DMCA complaints. All of these DMCA complaints filed by Wilson show she has attempted to remove material that has existed on the internet for a very long time. Some of this material goes back as far as the 1990's.

The next several items come from a review of material posted on various websites in 2014: Wilson now asserts that she needs to protect her identity due to "legal complications." Since the Wilsons have refused to obtain an attorney to assist them with their claims of stalking, identity theft and death threats, even at the advice from law enforcement, I assume she is twisting the facts of what has occurred. Wilson defied two Cease and Desist letters sent to her by my attorney back in November 2013. Any legal complications she is claiming are of her own making.

I have also now discovered who the two people are whom I was supposedly stalking, due to a statement made on a new website in which I believe Katharina Wilson is participating under the alias of AJ:

"David Chace and Ed Muller created Project UFO Skywatch which was a site that published excellent graphic art portraying various Extraterrestrials and Advanced Intelligences. Their site became another victim of cyberstalking and harassment and was thusly taken down."

As far as I know, this site went offline when its domain name expired in November 2013. My copyright attorney had to contact David Chace a couple of times in early 2013 to remove my intellectual property from his and Muller's Project UFO Skywatch website. This was a completely legal and ethical process limited to removing some material that had been illegally appropriated, not stalking nor harassment, and no one should be so naive as to think otherwise. It is not intended to close down a whole website, and does not touch the non-infringing material. In fact, this informal action does not establish a formal complaint, as does a DMCA. When DMCAs are filed against a site, repeated illegal appropriation of others' intellectual property can get a site deactivated, as Katharina well knows, for valid DMCA complaints she has made about specific infringements have thus contributed to the closure of several such persistently illegal sites. How can what Katharina Wilson has done in this regard be all right for her, but condemned when I try to protect my intellectual property through less punishing means? If you follow this logic, every site she has filed a complaint against to have her material removed could claim she is harassing, stalking and issuing threats against them.

In another instance, I find the following to be the height of hypocrisy: Katharina Wilson filed two DMCAs against a person who was featured on the Project UFO Skywatch website run by her friends. However, these two DMCAs targeted a different website, not Project UFO Skywatch. These are also the very DMCAs in which Wilson violated my request for confidentiality and publicly outed my personal information. All you have to do is search for Alien Jigsaw in the chillingeffects.org database to see it.

Wilson describes this person as "… "Repeat Offenders:"….." but yet Wilson has no problem promoting the same individual on her websites that she referred to in her complaints. Another rub to this whole thing is that some of the images that were removed due to copyright infringement were composite pictures that included both some of my artwork along with Wilson's. The irony is that Wilson got what she wanted due to my initiative.

Katharina Wilson was within her legal rights to file a DMCA complaint of copyright infringement against this person who was stealing her intellectual property, but this person whom she complained about was also featured on the Project UFO Skywatch website run by Chace and Muller. When my attorney contacts David Chace personally for a request for removal of images misappropriated by this very same person whom she filed against with her DMCAs, it is proclaimed by Wilson as cyberstalking and harassment perpetrated by me and somehow I brought down the Chace-Muller website. Ridiculous. The difference is that this person who was drawing these illustrations was also on her friends' website. What hypocrisy. I also find it a complete double standard that this very same person whom Wilson filed complaints against has been featured on her Alien Jigsaw website after her DMCA complaints and is now also featured on her new website!

I have also noticed that Wilson is claiming that her eBook is "banned." This is bizarre. No one can ban her eBook but herself. All you have to do is check her many DMCA complaints to see the multitude of takedown notices she has filed to have sites remove her eBook due to copyright infringement. I suspect Wilson is claiming I somehow have something to do with banning her eBook. Since Wilson shuns legal counsel, and makes reference to "legal complications" along with statements about the banning of material such as her eBook, I don't think it is a stretch to come to the conclusion that she is alleging she is being attacked by my lawyers -- which is preposterous. Since all that my copyright lawyers warned her against was the continuance of illegal activities, I find her claims farcical. Her eBook is still available on the web.

Here is a place you can still find her eBook. Also -- right after she filed a DMCA in February 2013 releasing my personal information, this was the next complaint she filed, on March 6, 2013, to try to have her eBook removed. From then on, there have been many such complaints filed by Wilson to have her eBook removed from the internet.

I will stress again that posting these statements was the last thing I wanted to do. The Wilsons have refused to contact my attorneys. They refused to obtain legal counsel even on the advice of law enforcement. They have continued to make their charges of illegal activity against me since March 2013. Because the Wilsons have gone to such extremes to harass me and my family on a continuous basis since January 2013, I have a right to make these statements and defend myself. I believe I know what their agenda really is and I will not be a part of it. I have nothing to do with these people.

The person I was communicating with presented herself as somebody else. She portrayed herself as somebody who understood the types of experiences I had gone through. I was dead wrong to trust her. Do not trust internet-only relationships.

I believe the evidence clearly shows a fixated hatred of myself, my blogs, my family -- basically everything about me. I want nothing to do with Katharina Wilson. I wish I had never met her and certainly had never trusted her. I have been lied to and deceived for many years. I trusted the wrong person. Refer to my first blog post regarding this chain of events, "Internet Relationships and the Danger they Pose."

Wilson came after me for her own obsessional reasons. Anyone who is truly getting death threats would get an attorney and do everything legally and lawfully to find out the truth about what is happening. The fact that they haven't is a red flag regarding the legitimacy of their harassment claims.

All I tried to do was regain control of my intellectual property that was being siphoned from Katharina's website, and ask why I wasn't being told about things that I feel Katharina should have been forthcoming about, considering what I had shared with her and the promises of confidentiality and copyright security that she had made. I just wanted clarification and the truth. Those were my crimes.

It is now plain from Wilson's own statements on the internet to see that some of these individuals who were lifting my intellectual property from her website were her close associates. Some of these individuals publicly admit to be non-abductees yet Katharina had no issue with these persons taking other people's pictorial accounts of their own personal experiences, including my own which were taken from her website – The Alien Jigsaw -- and posting them on their own websites while asking for donations. In some cases, their own copyrights are placed on others' work. I feel this is wrong on many levels. This behavior is also illegal. All I wanted is for my material to be removed from the Project UFO Skywatch website.

How my copyright attorney handled the copyright infringement did not contribute in any way to the closure of this website. He called David Chace directly and requested the removal of my intellectual property. No DMCA complaints were filed against this website because David Chace removed the materials when he was contacted by my copyright attorney.

I never realized when I started my blog that I would come out of darkness to the extent that I have. I could never have predicted any of this. I have realized the full extent of what has happened and I believe I have discovered the real truth of what happened and why. There are deeper reasons, I believe, for Katharina Wilson's attempt to remove her material and name from much of the internet, while using me as a scapegoat to blame for her actions. I am quite sure that I know what those reasons are. My lawyers and others have been informed of my conclusions, and the evidential chain that has led to those conclusions.

Some in ufology stress how important it is for people to come forward and talk about their experiences with the phenomenon and that there should be a safe environment for individuals to come forward. I am a person who took that chance. I have several professional degrees and a professional career. I put myself out there and talked about my experiences, confided deeply personal details to a person whom I thought understood, and got beyond burned by it.

I also put myself out there when I started my blog and I have done the same with bringing to light what has happened to me with this entire cyberstalking mess. I am not the one who is hiding and I will always stand for those who come out of darkness and into the light. People have a right to have a voice without fear and threats. What happened to me is not right.

One point I would like to stress is that ultimately, not all of this had much to do with the subject of UFOs. I think that a lot of people would tend to write off this entire story as just more of the infighting and insanity within the UFO field that we see over and over again, but I want to argue it is not. This story is complicated and there is a UFO component within this story because of the motivations of the Wilsons, but the core of this story is a case of harassment and cyberstalking that is becoming more prevalent in our society. A real tragedy of this entire fiasco is that it can dissuade people from reaching out to others about a topic that is taboo in our society at large. I have been in the UFO community for a long time and I have never seen anything like this.

If you are being harassed and stalked, the thing to do is to get legal help right away. This is really important. Find out what the law is regarding harassment and collect evidence. Do not delete anything. Do what you have to do to protect yourself and your family. Don't let people tell you how to think or feel. Get legal help and follow it. Find out your options and be safe. Remember, you can survive it.

Another point I want to stress is if you are being harassed, do not respond immediately to the harassment. This is one of the first things that articles on how to deal with cyberstalking tell you not to do. It is extremely difficult but do not reply to anything on the internet. Follow the advice of law enforcement and your attorneys. In my case, when the initial charges from Katharina Wilson surfaced in March 2013, I did not make any statements until after I went to my police department in May 2013. Only when no effort of a retraction came from the Wilsons regarding their charges against me, did I issue a short statement, which was approved by my attorneys. When the attacks against me continued in November 2013, I did not make any statements until the next year, starting in May 2014. This was six months after my harassment had started up again. All of my statements regarding this case have been cleared by my attorneys.

There are places you can look for support if you are being harassed. Stalking and harassment resources available online will tell you to inform your family and friends about what is happening. They can be an invaluable resource for you in many ways. You can try contacting your local hospital and community centers to inquire if they have any support groups or programs that could assist you and your family. Unfortunately, these types of programs are still hard to find because internet harassment is outpacing resources available for those needing them. The important thing is: if you feel you need assistance, reach out and look for it.

The problem of cyber bullying and internet harassment is a topic I have become deeply concerned with and I hope to volunteer my time to groups that need help in this area. I have experienced what being a victim of a cybercrime is like first hand. I will take a stand against this kind of behavior and I will do what I can to help others. Volunteering is a great way to help. I have volunteered at humane societies and various professional organizations, as well as to help witnesses who have experienced the UFO phenomenon in its many forms. I would encourage any form of volunteerism for personal growth and healing.

Why does participating in ufology sometimes boil down to personal attacks and character assassination? Ufology does seem at times to be a contact sport, doesn't it? Why can't the focus be on advancing the field? Why can't there be reasoned discussions without fear of ad hominem attacks or worse? I guess it is human nature at its worst.

I still feel that the study of unidentified flying objects is an important endeavor. It is the biggest mystery we face and the subject is not being treated fairly. There are a lot of good people trying to contribute what they can to the field. We need to be supportive and offer true compassion to those who need people to talk to without ridicule. The exploration of mysteries can be an enlightening and rewarding venture. I've learned a lot of things the hard way and I was too trusting towards those who claimed they understood what I was trying to say. This is a dangerous thing in the internet age and I don't think people realize how crazy the internet is getting these days.

My husband will have some statements to make regarding what has happened to us and I plan to post an article discussing ways to protect yourself and the danger signs to watch out for with internet relationships. These events that have happened to me are still a very fluid situation and I never know if and when new charges are going to surface, so the investigation remains in progress, and I will post updates as appropriate.

I would like to close with a quote that I had used before in my blog -- a quote that I was viciously attacked for using by Katharina Wilson and its contents twisted by her to mean something that was evil and it is not. When we are faced with obstacles and challenges in our lives, what road do we choose? How we handle these challenges speaks to our character and beliefs.

“Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.”  - Albus Dumbledore

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