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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mysteries of Space and Sky 2014 Part 1

Bill and I were able to attend The Mysteries of Space and Sky Conference: 2014 last fall in Maryland. We have attended previous Mysteries conferences and they are always good and we always have a very enjoyable time. Door prizes were available due to the generosity of The UFO Store and the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS). Rob Swiatek also generously donated a sizable book of personal research that had taken him several years to put together. Many people who attended the conference walked away with goodies. The introduction for the conference was delivered by Master of Ceremonies Dr. Peter Resta. 

The first speaker was Tadd Buffington, who is affiliated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He holds a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering. Mr. Buffington is the MUFON State Director for Maryland.

Mr. Buffington is a very engaging speaker and I enjoyed his presentation. He covered a variety of topics including his 1968 sighting of a neon orange wheel-type object. As far as NASA tracking UFOs, he said that their position is that NASA doesn't track UFOs, but they do track unknowns. He discussed Leslie Kean's attempt to uncover any Kecksburg case files from NASA. As most of us know, these files were never discovered and brought to light. Mr. Buffington also spent some time discussing how many new planetary systems have been recently discovered. These discoveries are now occurring at a rapid rate.

Mr. Buffington touched on a variety of other subjects such as Roswell, The Clintons and their interest in UFOs, Wright Patterson's Hanger 18, and how human beings can be affected by living in space. Interesting things happen to humans when exposed to weightlessness, such as the development of larger heads and reduced mass in limbs.

These studies are still going on with the latest article I saw recently reporting that NASA is sending one of a pair of twins into space to observe the effects space has on a human being by noting differences that may occur between him and his earthbound brother.

The second speaker was Sue Swiatek. She is the State Director for Virginia MUFON. Sue talked about a case that I have heard her speak about before at previous Mysteries conferences, and it is a fascinating case. Every time I hear her speak on this case, I learn something new. There is so much detail to this particular case. It is an abduction case from the Annapolis area in 1992. This specific case also seems to have generated an astounding number of abduction cases immediately thereafter. Sometimes this phenomenon of cases that sprout up after an initial abduction case is referred to as a "nest" of abduction activity involving close family and friends of the person who initially had the abduction experience. The primary witness was a married mother of two.

Another interesting aspect to this case was that there was poltergeist activity before the main event. Many abductees report poltergeist activity surrounding the main event. Objects were being moved within the house with no reasonable explanation. Sophisticated locked gun cabinets were being unlocked and opened, and the back door to the house would become unlocked and/or opened. The homeowners also reported phone problems involving hearing electronic type voices or that their phone wouldn't ring properly. The homeowners changed all the locks on their house but things only got worse. The primary witness would also find her things piled up within the home in weird ways. The stereo would activate on its own – even though the stereo wires were pulled out from the stereo unit. How many people recognize these types of events reported by other witnesses from other cases?

The main event occurred the night of June 18, 1992 at 3 AM. A blue-white light was observed illuminating through the bedroom blinds. The primary witness was unable to wake her husband, dog, or children. She put a robe on over her nightgown to investigate the source of the light. There was an object parked on the lawn and she thought it was the "paddy wagon" coming with emergency lights activated and she noticed the street lights were dimming on her street. Her next recollection was awakening around 10 AM sitting up in bed. Her robe was on backwards and tied in back with up to eight knots. She reported she felt sick and her kids were hungry. As soon as she was able, she went back to bed and slept until noon. She removed her robe and nightgown and discovered that the spaghetti straps to her nightgown had been cut. Her husband came home at 2 PM and at this point she was hysterical about what had happened to her but her husband dismissed it. All he wanted to do was mow the lawn. After going outside to do just that, he returned to complain about the condition of the lawn. There was a circle in the yard that wasn't there before and the grass had been destroyed.

Along with the poltergeist activity, unusual lights, and odd occurrences listed above, another phenomenon transpired after the main abduction event. Multiple pass overs by military-type helicopters started to occur frequently over the home. These kinds of activities have also been reported by witnesses over the last several decades after abduction events. Damage to homes, lawns, and harassment by helicopters over civilian homes can be photographed and documented. It can be very intimidating when a person has gone through an anomalous experience and while the witness is trying to cope with that, these surveillance techniques by persons unknown just adds to the trauma of the experience.

The primary witness was able to recall more detail of what occurred when she observed the object she thought was a "paddy wagon" that came in the night. During that night, a seven foot tall "Billy Idol" type person wearing a suit, boots, and gloves came to her back door. She noted helmets and visors as well on other beings she noticed in the background. She saw them picking up rocks and acting strangely. The seven foot tall individual spoke to her telepathically and told her they were going up to a large rotating ship. She observed the other individuals showing a type of respect to the taller being with an unusual side type of salute. At the time, she could hear helicopters in the background and the being told her they had to depart due to their being observed.

There is a remarkable drawing showing this type of individual who was seen by two other abductees. If you have a copy of Connections: Solving our Alien Abduction Mystery by Beth Collings and Anna Jamerson, you can see the depiction of this being done by the primary witness in that case. The drawing is on page 295 in the soft cover edition. When the primary witness of the Annapolis case saw this depiction, she thought it was her drawing of what she had seen.

After this main encounter, a cluster or nest of anomalous activity extended to immediate family and friends of the primary witness. Several missing time events were reported by several people associated with the witness. There is a lot to learn about this case and every time I hear about it, it never fails to fascinate. I hope Sue continues to discuss this case at future Mysteries of Space and Sky conferences.