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Monday, September 8, 2014

Puzzle Publishing Attempts to Silence My Voice

All of my blog posts regarding the alleged Alien Jigsaw cyberstalking affair are reviewed and approved by two law firms, one which is well versed in copyright law and the other in trial and defamation law.

Puzzle Publishing Attempts to Silence My Voice

Puzzle Publishing is attempting to silence my voice by filing DMCA complaints against my blog posts. I will not be silenced regarding what has happened to me. I will not put up with the Wilsons' characterization of me as outlined in my first post regarding this series of events. I have been more than patient and restrained since Katharina Wilson initiated her public attacks on me on the internet on May 29, 2013, accusing me of committing a series of horrendous crimes against herself and others.

I have contacted law enforcement on this issue and I have two law firms assisting me in handling this unfathomable situation. I have followed the law every step of the way since before the attacks and accusations towards me began well over a year ago. I believe I have shown incredible restraint since Katharina decided to openly accuse me of criminal activity against herself and others.

I do not want what happened to me to happen to anyone else.

What has been happening to me highlights the extreme danger of trusting those who promise to keep your personal information safe and keep your confidences. Beware of those who promise confidentiality and compassion regarding deeply personal experiences that most in our society would not comprehend or understand.

I expected the Wilsons to file DMCAs against me so it was not a surprise. DMCA is the acronym for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which is a legal tool to observe intellectual property laws. The chillingeffects.org website is a database that contains DMCAs which are searchable by the public. You can visit this website to learn more about it. What is astounding are the claims made by Katharina Wilson in these DMCA complaints against my blog posts. DMCAs are sworn legal documents. I will provide the links to these complaints so you can read them for yourself.

The first complaint against my blog was filed on June 4, 2014. The complaint was an attempt to have my first post removed that responded to the harassment I have endured for over a year and a half from Katharina Wilson. This post is "Internet Relationships and the Danger they Pose."

I have the right to defend myself against these ridiculous charges. I will not stand for their portrayal of me. I will stand up for those who have the courage to come forward and have a voice for their own experiences.

Wilson makes several incredible statements in this DMCA. Here is the link to the DMCA published in the Chilling Effects database on June 4, 2014.

1) Wilson said they were "requesting Goggle [sic] to remove this untrue and defamatory blog posting."

All of my statements regarding this entire alleged Alien Jigsaw cyberstalking mess have been reviewed and approved by two law firms, one which is well versed in copyright law and the other in trial and defamation law.

2) First the Wilsons state that they never published my name, sex, geographic location or other personal information related to me or the alias I used when I started my blog.

I would refer readers to my second post, "Does Confidentiality Mean Anything?" published on June 9, 2014. I wrote about how I discovered another DMCA Wilson had filed in February 2013, in which she published my alias in quotes along with my copyright attorney's name. (I will not link to this DMCA due to the reasons I specified in my blog post but you can look it up for yourself if you are interested.)  I had specifically asked Katharina Wilson to keep the information that I had a copyright attorney private and confidential in my correspondence with her.

From the information contained in this DMCA, anyone can look up my attorney on the internet and see his website and the location where his practice is located. Because of Wilson's actions of releasing my attorney's name, anyone can look up the previous DMCA Katharina referred to in this February 2013 DMCA to find out what my legal name is. This betrayal of a trust thereby effectively outed my approximate geographic location along with the alias I was using along with my real name, and my personal information I specifically asked her to keep private and confidential.

As another point, Wilson attacked specific items from my blogs, including blog titles, blog posts, my artwork, used elements from a self-portrait painting I had allowed her to post on her website, and left obvious comments on her own website to point to exactly whom she was accusing as "her stalker."

3) This next is quoted from the DMCA as it was written by Wilson. "This is the second time she has accused us of doing this. The first time we ignored her."

I believe this sentence refers to the first response I published on my blog from late May to late July 2013 titled "The Alien Jigsaw, Cyberstalking and Personal Safety on the Web." I recently republished this post on this blog on August 20, 2014.

Katharina Wilson did not ignore me in any way, shape or form. The evidence shows otherwise.
Wilson was the one who relentlessly accused me of horrendous crimes starting on March 29, 2013 by publishing her article on multiple websites, and continuing to accuse me of crimes after I published my first response in late May 2013.

First, here is a review of the charges she made against me published in 2013, and continued to allege thereafter. As you read these, you might consider whether many of these allegations cross beyond the limits of "defamation", their main complaint against my blogs:

1)   Threatening Wilson's life and making death threats on website blogs

2)    Cyberstalking

3)    Creating three website blogs posting private information about Wilson and others

4)    Identity theft in impersonating Wilson on website blogs

5)    Attempting to destroy Wilson's work and research and to instill fear

6)    Planning to blackmail Wilson

7)    Posting her personal emails on the Internet

8)    Getting her research "overlooked" by specific websites

9)    Falsely assuming Wilson's identity when mailing information to others -- both email and snail mail

10)   Being a criminal

11)   Exhibiting strange behaviors and mental states

12)   Posting personal information about her

13)    Sending out email and snail mails intended to damage her

14)     Being outraged when she removed my art gallery from her website

15)     Using my blog posts as threats against her

16)     That the word "Lord" has special and unsavory meaning for me

17)     Being estranged from family members

18)     Implying I am a danger to children because I am childless

K. Wilson says that to counter these threats and actions she has:

a)      Filed official complaints with four law enforcement agencies (elsewhere, “one Federal, two State and one private law enforcement agency”)

b)      Circulated my picture to her neighbors (she claims to be afraid of an imminent physical attack from her cyberstalker)

In Wilson's attack piece on me, she claimed to be carrying out or threatened to follow through with these intimidating tactics:

      A-1)      Reveal the location of my family members

      A-2)      My IP is being traced

      A-3)      Attacks my mental stability

      A-4)      Accuses me of being a drunk and off meds

      A-5)      My social media is being watched

      A-6)      Attacked my husband

      A-7)      Incites others to participate in attacks against me

      A-8)      Posts comments and articles regarding the victim (me) to forums and other websites

      A-9)      Threatens to reveal further personal information about me

      A-10)    Posts a distorted image of me taken from elements of one of my paintings

      A-11)    Promises that there will be "more truth to come"

      A-12)    Promises that "the stalker will be revealed"

False and reckless charges require a response, but I was the one who at first tried to ignore them, hoping that somehow Katharina Wilson would realize her mistake and retract them. But, after several months of enduring these attacks and the release of some of my personal information (see the last threat above), I went to the police on the advice of my attorneys to file a police report on Katharina Wilson. Refer to my previous blog posts regarding these events.

The police detective I talked to confirmed I was the person Wilson had reported as "her stalker." The detective called the Wilsons and told them in his professional opinion, I had nothing to do with their harassment issues. He felt another party was involved. I waited over two weeks for the Wilsons to write some kind of statement about what they had done to me but nothing came forth. I had a right to make a statement. That is when I published "The Alien Jigsaw, Cyberstalking and Personal Safety on the Web." The very next day, the Wilsons contacted the detective from my local police department and complained about my "long diatribe" against them.

This is not ignoring me in any way, shape, or form.

My statement was up for two months and I removed that statement along with my blog posts of my personal experiences for reasons I will get into in an upcoming blog. Within a few short months of my removing my statement, the attacks resumed against me on Katharina Wilson's website, The Alien Jigsaw. Wilson again accused me of being the "stalker", complementing this with the "Stalker" image depicting me. Wilson's exact quote as published on The Alien Jigsaw on November 12, 2013 [italics mine] – After a detailed explanation of what we had endured during this ordeal was published, our stalker, obviously overwhelmed with guilt, walked into their local police station and had a "breakdown" in the lobby.

The harassment did not end there either. Harassment continued well into 2014, about which I will write. These actions by Katharina Wilson do not fall into the category of ignoring me in any way.

4) The Wilsons go on to assert that due to what happened to them, they removed their website that they had published for 25 years. The Wilsons also say I am misguided in my assertions.

No one can possibly imagine what I was going through unless they have been harassed in such a horrible manner for more than a year. I have nothing to do with the Wilsons' internet and personal problems. With this statement made in this DMCA, they again link me with their decision to remove their website from the internet. That was solely their decision. I had nothing to do with it. If Katharina Wilson was being harassed, there were many appropriate ways to handle it and fix the problems. Instead, she came after me and vilified me.

Wilson's claims that I am misguided are contradicted by the facts that she made criminal charges against me to my local police department -- which was verified to me by a police detective -- and that she published several attack articles against me over a long period of time which were widely distributed over the internet, accusing me of criminal activity.

The second DMCA Katharina Wilson published was on June 26, 2014. This is the link:

While Wilson makes the same general claims as in the DMCA published on June 4, 2014, a new item was this complaint:

1) Wilson charges I used the exact same title which headed her attack piece against me which she published on March 29, 2013.

Wilson's title which accused me of being her "stalker" was "Who Killed the Alien Jigsaw and Why."

My rebuttal on my blog was "Who Killed the Alien Jigsaw and Why Creates Shock and Betrayal."

The Wilsons' reaction is characteristic of someone who doesn't understand copyright law.

2) The Wilsons state that they never published my name, sex, geographic location or other personal information related to me or my alias.

Refer to my reply above as to how this statement is flatly untrue. From the information Wilson submitted in her February 2013 DMCA, anyone can link my alias, my real name, my geographic location, and some of my personal information I asked her to keep private and confidential.

Also, refer to my fourth blog post in this series, "The UFO Laughter Curtain Within the UFO Community." There you may read my observations regarding how the comments revealing my personal information point to a single source. Within days of Wilson’s March 2013 statement accusing me of criminal activity, my personal information was showing up on the internet just as she had threatened to do in her article. Refer to the list of actions Wilson threatened to carry out from her March 2013 article listed in A-1 through A-12 above.

I had been emailing and confiding my personal information to one person in the UFO community which was Katharina or Kay Wilson. Please see my blog post, "The UFO Laughter Curtain from Within the Community." In these "anonymous" posts, there are also references regarding conversations with the police in my home community, my exact location, and other information I had only told a handful of people or less.

3) Wilson is "requesting Google to remove this untrue and defamatory blog posting."

All of my statements regarding this entire alleged Alien Jigsaw cyberstalking mess have been reviewed and approved by two law firms, one which is well versed in copyright law and the other in trial and defamation law.

4) Wilson complains that this is the third time I have "accused us of doing this…"

The Wilsons seem to think that they could name posts from my blog, the quotes I used on my blog, the artwork I used on my blog, titles I used on my blog, use elements taken from a painting I had allowed her to publish on her website to describe me as her stalker, describe my husband's involvement with a particular UFO organization, and describe her version of events from my personal email correspondence with her from the past, but they are somehow absolved from committing defamation because they did not publish my exact name in posts attributed to The Alien Jigsaw?

This is the same assertion they had made to the detective from my police department the day after I posted my rebuttal in May 2013, "The Alien Jigsaw, Cyberstalking and Personal Safety on the Web." They complained that they did not use my name.

The Wilsons do not deny they published articles accusing me of criminal activity. Their focus is solely that they did not publish my name or alias on any published statements directly related to them. They did use any and all connections to my blog, painting, and email correspondence to point to me as their "stalker," and those who have followed The Alien Jigsaw for some time would therefore know the name of the individual to whom they referred. This shows the tactics they employ. I will not stand for it.

5) Wilson claims I am "harassing us and defaming our reputations."

I am responding to what the Wilsons have published against me for over a year and a half. I have a right to defend myself against these ridiculous, untrue charges that the Wilsons have leveled at me.

6) Wilson claims my blog "vilifies us and is replete with untruths."

If the Wilsons have any problems with my bringing to light what they did to me, they can contact my attorneys. The Wilsons have always had this option. They knew the name of my copyright attorney over a month before Katharina Wilson decided to publish her attack piece against me in late March 2013, as demonstrated in her DMCA claim of February 2013. She decided to go ahead and publish her accusations against me before trying to find the truth about her claimed harassment. All four agencies they claimed they reported me to as "their stalker" were dead ends. I have nothing to do with their personal and internet issues whatever they are.

I have given the Wilsons many opportunities to do the right thing and contact my attorneys to clear this up. I believe I have shown incredible restraint in the face of unrelenting accusations and attacks. After my May 2013 statement was up for just two months, the Wilsons had the opportunity to just stop coming after me, but they didn't. They started the harassment again just a few months later.

All I have is one blog. I have done nothing to the Wilsons. I used to believe there was someone out there who was causing trouble and there was a misunderstanding in some way. So much has happened now over so much time that I believe that it's not the case.

In my post, “The Alien Jigsaw, Cyberstalking and Personal Safety on the Web,” I defended their right to have their website without threats and intimidation. Puzzle Publishing has tried to silence my voice.

Previous Posts:


I do not post to other blogs, web sites, or news sites and I rarely ever post comments to other blogs. If anyone sees anything supposedly posted by me or any other unusual activity, please contact me. Especially those who know of these other website blogs I have been accused of creating since I do not know their locations. My comment moderation is enabled for all comments left on my blog. I will keep communications confidential.

The Wilsons have had an opportunity for the past year and a half to make contact with my attorney but they have never done so. They appear to still refuse to obtain an attorney even on the advice of law enforcement to discover the truth.

If anyone has links to these website blogs or knows anything about them, please contact me. My legal team wants to investigate them. I want to see these blogs. I want to see what I have been accused of doing. If anyone has any information at all about any of this, please let me know.  If you have saved web pages, please send me those. If you have any emails or snail mail that would help in this investigation, please send me those. If anyone has gotten a snail mail, even a postmark could help. The Wilsons could send my attorney some of this information but they do not appear to have the courage to do it. Instead, according to Katharina's March 2013 article, she has asked people to destroy emails – evidence that could exonerate me and point to the true source of their claimed cyberstalking.

If you have any material which would help with this investigation, I will put you in direct contact with my attorneys so you can send information directly to them.