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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The UFO History Group May 2015

The UFO History Group had a very productive meeting last weekend at Dr. Mike Swords' new home. I love our group meetings when we can get together and talk. There is no shortage of topics! We could all be at Mike's for the entire week and still not cover everything. I missed the people who were not able to attend due to last minute circumstances beyond their control. We all donate our time and resources to travel from all parts of the country to discuss UFOs along with the team's current projects.

One of the things I love about our group is that we all have so many good ideas and concepts for good quality UFO research. These ideas extend to how we should proceed with our goals to achieve success. We all have our particular strengths and background experience in the UFO field along with our professional lives to contribute in our own unique ways. This is a group that works together and right along with that, we have a great time doing it.

Saturday was a perfect weather day. The sun was warm and bright and since we were in a new neighborhood, the lure of a used book store just a few blocks away drew several ufologists like moths to a flame. Initially Bill, Dr. Eddie Bullard, and Jan Aldrich left for the store. After quite a bit of time passed, they were not back yet and I thought I should check this store out myself. Robert Powell and I walked down to see what the fuss was about. There was a buzz of activity in the store with everyone telling stories and conversing with the store owner and with each other. And to my pleasant surprise, Tom Tulien had arrived to add to the conversations. The energy was very positive and downright pure fun.

This book store was filled beyond its bookcases. There were books stacked from floor to ceiling forming pillars of mysteries waiting to be discovered. These kinds of used book stores are a lot of fun. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason behind the stacks, the books just wait for someone to discover and appreciate them.

Bill found such a book called The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation. This book is full of old maps and drawings of previously unknown manuscripts concerning evidence of the Viking discovery of North America in the tenth and eleventh centuries. This book is fascinating with its pull out maps and documentation. 

We eventually had to tear ourselves away and get back to work. Here's a picture of Eddie and Tom outside the bookstore (notice this sign above the door that says 50,000 books.) After that visit, it was 50,000 minus an ufologist dozen.

It was such a nice day that we decided to hang out on the walk out part of the roof. I for one can't wait to see how this area looks the next time I visit. The entire area is designed for growing food and the overall design has been carefully engineered to produce the appropriate amount of vegetables and fruit. It is going to look great when it is completed. It is also designed to capture all the rain run-off from the roof to be reused for growing things. The design is very impressive.

From left to right, here's a picture of me, Mike Swords, Robert Powell, Father Mike (standing), Eddie Bullard (seated), and Jan Aldrich. Bill was taking the picture. I actually got a little sunburn that day.

Before we started discussions, we celebrated a toast to Mike's new home. The house is beautiful and they have done a lot of work not only to fix it up but to add new rooms and technology to the home. Many state of the art eco-friendly systems have been installed and upgrades are still being made.

We got to work in Mike's research domain and this next picture shows a Skype session with Barry Greenwood in Massachusetts. Rob and Sue Swiatek and Will Matthews are shown along with the rest of the crew. The connection was spotty at times and the later Skype session with Bill Chalker from Australia was much better. Technology, what are you going to do?

The next picture shows John Reed sitting to my left; John is actively seeking out and preserving important archives related to UFO history. There are a lot of people who couldn't make this meeting who are donating much of their time and energy to this group and our research activities. I hope they can attend the next meeting, and I want to give a shout out to their efforts. We all have professional lives and family obligations but we do what we can when we can. I for one appreciate those efforts.

Mike has written an excellent blog post on the work of the group and what is happening. For more detail of our planned projects, you can read his post about the meeting at The Big Study blog. There is a lot of good stuff coming up but it will take time and hard work.

I want to thank everyone in the group (those in attendance and those who couldn't make it but who are in the loop) for lending their talents and knowledge towards the mysterious subject of UFOs and working hard to contribute what they can to further the field along. I still feel the UFO mystery is the biggest mystery we face. Thank you for letting me participate and learning from all of you who have contributed so much.