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Friday, March 6, 2015

UFO Witnesses Deserve a Voice without Threats or Intimidation

The following statement has been approved by our trial and defamation attorney.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Do not trust internet-only relationships.

There are a lot of disturbed individuals in the world and when we communicate on the internet, we lose our human perceptions by not being able to utilize our senses by using eye contact, body language, and how we feel being around a person. Get out and meet people first before giving anyone any part of yourself. Please be careful out there.

I hope that the experiences I have outlined in the last several blog posts regarding my internet harassment not only serve as a warning, but that something good can come out of what happened to me. I want to help people protect themselves as they may become vulnerable when reaching out to someone to talk to who may not have their best interests at heart. These suggestions I will be making may seem like no-brainers, but if you get involved in an internet-only relationship and you had a high level of trust for the other person, you may not recognize the dangers until it is too late.

I want to make an important point regarding the use of aliases in UFO research and especially in abduction research. I totally understand the need for people to use aliases when coming forward and talking about personal experiences. Since the time I was a MUFON State and Section Director, I talked with many people over many years from all walks of life who have had to face the stigma of coming forward to talk about their experiences, and it is never an easy decision to make. Each person must decide for themselves what they are comfortable with in speaking out either to their own families or in taking further steps and going public. I started out using my real name on the Alien Jigsaw website but changed to an alias due to the wishes of my family. I continued this practice myself when I began my internet blog because I was openly discussing personal experiences. These are never easy decisions to make and everyone has to decide what is best for them.

UFO witnesses deserve a voice without threats and intimidation. Witnesses may face ridicule from family and friends due to reporting their sighting or other types of unusual phenomena. Even telling a ghost story can bring snickers from listeners. But when threats and intimidation originate from within the UFO community itself, these people wield the laughter curtain like a weapon, and they certainly know how to use it. This behavior is wrong.

This is where the UFO laughter curtain can become deadly. If someone is using an alias to try to protect themselves and their families, it is only a matter of time before someone will use that information against the person using the alias. It happened to me and I know it has happened to other people. It seems a large portion of offenders who engage in this type of despicable behavior are people who are from within the UFO community itself -- even from those who claim to be compassionate "CE4 researchers." Refer to my blog post "The UFO Laughter Curtain from within the UFO Community" to review the attacks that can happen to anyone who has the courage to go public with their experiences. By hiding behind Anonymous, these contemptible attackers feel they can release any personal information they want to. These individuals are too arrogant to realize that this is not a fool-proof method of avoiding detection. In my case, one of my paintings that I entrusted to this "CE4 researcher", which was a self-portrait, was distorted in a hideous way to harass me publically on the internet.

As an aside, the original version of this painting was displayed in an art gallery that was a feature of the 1997 MUFON International Symposium. Nobody can take away the fond memory I have of Budd Hopkins commenting on my painting and how much he liked it. He wanted to know who the artist was and I was extremely flattered. I'll always remember that compliment given to me by a proven high-caliber artist who took an interest in my work. He appreciated the sentiment and heart-felt expression I put into the piece.

Get to know people in person before revealing anything about yourself. Yes, I know. It’s common sense just like most of these points are that I am going to make. I guess it's kind of like us looking at cult members and wondering how they can get so easily fooled into falling into a bad situation. Before talking to anyone who claims to be a "CE4 researcher," take extra care to verify their identity and background. Do not trust the fact there may be books written or endorsements by other researchers. They may not know the full story behind these individuals.

You should be able to look people in the eye and confirm they are the type of individual they claim to be. Just because you meet with someone physically doesn't guarantee that you won't get hurt, but psychologist Albert Mehrabian demonstrated that 93% of communication is nonverbal in his 1971 published paper titled Nonverbal Communication. We get all sorts of visual cues from direct physical communication with another person.  When you are sharing private details of your life of any kind, take the time and get comfortable with the person first. Are they a true friend or not? While this is still no guarantee, taking your time with a direct visual one-on-one relationship with the person will improve your odds against failure.

If you talk with anyone about anything that is of a sensitive nature to you, you must verify their identity before you do so. I don't care if you have to look at their ID. I'm not kidding. If you are working with anyone who claims to be a CE4 investigator you must be extremely cautious. You should be cautious of any type of investigator lacking proper ID and credentials. If someone is taking personal materials from you, then you have a right to verify their identity and contact information.

This contact information includes a phone number and a verified address, not just a post office box. You also deserve references. These references should include full names and contact information in case you need help getting in touch with the person to whom you are confiding your personal materials. These references should be available to answer any questions you might have. Emails and post office boxes are not good enough. If something goes wrong and these people cut off all contact with you, well, you can see what can happen just by reading my previous posts about what happened to me.

Do not give any personal materials to anyone to be posted on another website unless you have full contact information for the people running that website. If you do allow someone to post any of your materials, there should be an agreement as to how the materials will be posted and what options you have if you become uncomfortable with the situation. This agreement should be in writing and in my opinion it should go beyond email agreements.

If you post anything online, whether it is on someone else's website or your own, understand what your rights are. Educate yourself in proper blog and web etiquette and I recommend you get an attorney if you post artwork of any kind. Any legal advice should come from an attorney.

Written statements in emails promising confidentiality are meaningless unless they are from a licensed professional such as a therapist or an attorney.

Do these "researchers" feel comfortable communicating with their family about what they are doing? Do these researchers hide behind multiple screen names and aliases? If these researchers are not comfortable having any kind of verifiable public status, they have no business taking anyone's personal materials. I want to make an important distinction here. I am not talking about someone who is taking an alias to protect themselves and their family in order to talk about their personal experiences.

If you start to feel uncomfortable in any way with a relationship, don't wait, but get out of it. If you feel something is wrong, it probably is. Do what you have to do to get free. It does get better.

If you experience online harassment you must obtain an attorney to help you through the process. They will tell you what to do, what steps to take, what your options are, and when it is time to make a police report. Collect all the evidence you can. Do not post anything online regarding the harassment without consulting with your attorney. Follow the law because the situation can escalate to the point of further legal action. Do what you have to in order to protect yourself and your family.

I hope my story helps someone else. Please educate yourself and be aware of the dangers I have outlined and learn from what I have endured. I still find it hard to believe all of these events that I have described actually happened to me, but they did. I'll never understand much of it and I can't fully comprehend the astonishingly negative behaviors.

Yet, I have come out of darkness in so many ways.

Personally, I learned a great deal about a great many things since this whole bizarre story started. I learned a great number of things I was not expecting, and some things that truly shocked me. I learned a lot about cyberstalking, cyberbullying, internet harassment, and the tactics the perpetrators use. No matter how horrible a situation might be in life, we learn from those experiences and we grow from them. That's what life is - with both the good and the bad. I discard the bad and move on with the good to grow the spirit and soar onward to better things. That's what we all do every day and I hope by sharing my story, it can help someone else in some way.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Alien Jigsaw Cyberstalking Affair: Themes from the Past?

The following statement has been approved by our trial and defamation attorney.

Note to the Reader: References to Katharina Wilson’s major books are the following: TAJ for The Alien Jigsaw (hardcover edition, 1993), RS for The Alien Jigsaw Researcher’s Supplement (soft cover, 1993), and IF1 and IF2 for I Forgot What I wasn’t Supposed to Remember, 1st edition (2007) and 2nd edition (2009), respectively.

Recurrent Themes in Wilson’s Works: Beyond specific instances where Ms. Wilson’s most basic and serious claims against my wife are easily refuted and turned back upon their creator, a review of Ms. Wilson’s books has proven quite enlightening. That examination now sets into a context the otherwise seemingly illogical actions and comments Wilson has made over these past two years. At the same time, I find the results of this research most disquieting, because they indicate to me that this action against us may not be a unique excursion into unreason, but part of a pattern that may repeat itself to the cost of others who may have crossed Ms. Wilson, or who might do so in the future.

One of the things that had most perplexed us about this whole affair was from whence came all these charges against my wife – death threats, blackmail plans, acts that compromise children, cyberstalking, identity theft, trying to destroy her work and research, etc. Katharina Wilson herself may have previously provided the Rosetta Stone enabling a decipherment of the otherwise unintelligible elements of her communications in this regard. A pattern of behavior may be discerned from a review of Ms. Wilson’s past books, which contain a mélange of these themes and recurrent events. Many of these larger literary practices have been employed in the present dispute. The story, in short, seems to be continuing.

Again, thought patterns, stock narratives and claims, and themes recur throughout the books I have mentioned, and some of these have seeped over into Ms. Wilson’s more recent attacks against my wife. I will focus upon those themes that bear most directly upon our assertions as to the believability of their author in her claims against us. I could adduce more themes, and many more individual examples of the themes that I do discuss here.

The themes that most interest this discussion are those of: control and deception, threats of physical harm and death, stalking, jealousy, blackmail, psychopathology, the “demonization” of those who cross Ms. Wilson, gut-wrenching descriptions of psychological and physical pain, attempts to make sense out of truly ambiguous data and multiple levels of experiences in several different types of realities, emphasis upon Ms. Wilson’s self-proclaimed centrality to the alien abduction phenomenon, a seeking of “truth” or an idiosyncratic version of it, and a sense of “mission”.

IF2: A Not-so Expanded View of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon: Most quotes and references are to the cyber-book IF1 (I Forgot What I Wasn’t Supposed to Remember, First Edition, July 2007). After all, it should still be available (see my wife’s December 10, 2014 blog “Reflections on the Alien Jigsaw "Stalking" Farce” for the url), and according to the authors (I Forgot… Second Edition, October 2009, page 7), over 10,000 downloads were made of the book. But there is also another, very significant, reason.

In Ms. Wilson’s discussion of the editorial choices made in IF2, emphasis is placed upon the additions made therein – 17 “Second Edition Updates” – totaling about 16 pages of additional text. And one would generally expect an updated edition to contain even more material than the first. Yet, an examination of the two IFs indicates that there are actually 14 fewer total pages of text, Foreword to end of the Appendix section, in IF2 (247 versus IF1’s 261)! IF2 leaves out a complete chapter (“2000 – The City of Charlatans”) and one Appendix (“Birth and Childhood Oddities”), and there are numerous other excisions, often of paragraph to more than a page in length, though many decisions regarding choices of words and single sentences also are revised. Now there are the usual grammatical corrections, as well as missed “bobbles” and the introduction of new ones; and the editors might want you to believe that their intent was other than what my review has suggested.

The two clearest examples of the general editorial practice are the “lost Chapter” Twenty-two and the removal of Appendix II. “The City of Charlatans”, with its subchapter titles of “City of Fraud”, “Satanic Hunters”, “Trailer Trash”, and “The Ark”, comprised pages 135 – 140 of IF1. Appendix II, “Birth and Childhood Oddities”, was located on pages 269 – 274. Consequently, any references to IF1 material from these pages are to material that has been expunged from IF2. But the editors have been busy removing material they must have considered damaging – a paragraph here, a snarky remark there -- in many other cases, which I have recorded. This was an arduous process and one in which I would have never engaged were it not for the hell that my wife has been put through and the need to try to rectify the image that has been cast upon her.

A “Disappearing Act”: Throughout the IF1 and IF2 cyber-books, the “Katharina Wilson” of IF1 has been replaced by “K. Wilson” or “Kay Wilson” in IF2. In their zeal thus to expunge the name “Katharina Wilson” from IF2, the editors have gone so far as to change the wording of “exact” quotations (page 83 of IF1, p. 79, IF2; p. 115 in IF1, p. 112 in IF2). This cannot be a simple mistake – after all, “Katharina” and “Kay” have nowhere near the same number of syllables. On other occasions quotations are truncated to remove the now-oddly offensive first name. Novelists make changes to direct quotes; researchers avoid doing so. Katharina and her editors could have removed her name without violating a basic research principle. They chose not to. And there are about a dozen other instances where direct quotes on different matters are changed from IF1 to IF2, but for less obvious reasons.

Threats of Death/Murder: “I understood why one day our marriage seemed okay and the next he hated me and not only wanted a divorce, but wanted to kill me” (IF1, page 155). There is a pattern here continued in the March 29 diatribe: in her cyber-book Ms. Wilson accused two “witches” of plotting against her (IF1, page 39, in 1995); in her March 29, 2013 harangue she accused us of making death threats against her. For more examples of this theme in Ms. Wilson’s books, see also IF1, page 124 “the warning I was given at the beginning of April 1999. That to even be aware of this group could cost me my life.” Again, IF1, page 139: “wondering when you’re going to be ‘accidentally’ shot in a ‘hunting accident,’ wasn’t much fun either.” And IF1, page 252: “I have had my life threatened by Hybrid MIB types as well as during some of my MILAB experiences. There are times when I feel I am risking my life by going public with this information, but I feel I have no choice. For me to live in fear and keep this information secret would make me a coward, a victim and anti-human. I am none of those.” See also IF1, pages 13, 62, 182 and 220.

Stalking: Again, the theme of stalking does not originate in Ms. Wilson’s March 2013 diatribe against my wife – it’s there in IF1, page 39 with the reference to the “Twins” and another individual; now (in 2013) updated into cyberstalking.

Jealousy: We see that jealousy is a theme in Ms. Wilson’s works. IF1, p. 25: Ms. Wilson comments about “a particularly ‘dark’ conference” she attended where “There seemed to be a lot of jealousy and suspicion in the air” immediately after noting that “some authors and/or researchers weren’t particularly friendly to me”. IF1, page 121 mentions two Hybrids in one of her experiences who “were almost insanely jealous of me.” IF1, page 173: her husband’s boss “The Hoofed One” was extremely jealous of him. Ms. Wilson herself confesses to a nod toward the dark emotion in one experience: IF1, page 123: “I became somewhat worried that these people would like her more than me…” – but to her credit, so she tells us, she goes ahead anyway and tells her captors some useful information promoting that other person.

Effects upon Ms. Wilson’s Mental and Physical Health: Ms. Wilson makes dramatic claims about the devastating fear this claimed recent “cyberstalking” has instilled in her, resulting in the deterioration of her mental and physical health. Whatever Ms. Wilson’s Internet claims about her stalker’s “actions”, none of those actually reported by the Wilsons to the agency we talked to engendered legal action. One might ask whether the charges of identity theft, conspiring to blackmail, or general cyber-stalking made in the March 2013 diatribe were just invented for public Internet consumption. In view of the total lack of action by a purported four legal agencies, one might wonder whether the claims about the supposed effects of these asserted wrongs could be exaggerated.

There is more; the March 2013 claims echo the tone of scores of passages in Ms. Wilson’s books. I will not pass upon the veridicality of Ms. Wilson’s claimed ill effects in her books from what would have to be truly devastatingly anomalous experiences; I do not intend here to minimize, belittle, or challenge the outright awfulness of the trials she claims to have undergone. But I am saying that Ms. Wilson is a master at developing truly emotion-wrenching passages, and I have already I believe demonstrated that sometimes she has made claims that do not meet the “fully factual” test.

Deceptive Use of a MUFON Group Connection: Another strange echo of a past claim in one of Ms. Wilson’s books: Ms. Wilson asserts in the March 2013 piece that we used our association as a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) “research consultant” (by the way, an incorrect term) to get in her good graces as part of a years’ (or decades’?) long plot against her. In TAJ page 244 Ms. Wilson emphasizes that the aliens used a MUFON consultant ruse on her!

Trying to Discredit Ms. Wilson: In IF1, page 81 Ms. Wilson says she believes that some U.S. governmental agency was trying to make her an addict in order to discredit her testimony about abductions. I submit that if a U.S. federal agency really and truly wanted to make someone an addict and had the powers that Ms. Wilson claims, then they would have made her an addict. It is beyond puerile to imagine otherwise. I think we see an echo of this matter of discrediting in Ms. Wilson’s complaints of blackmail regarding her abduction studies – March 29, 2013: “Because they planned to blackmail me using my CE IV research against me in the future”.

Psychopathology: In her March 2013 attack piece Ms. Wilson has a section called “Psychopathology”. From the March 29, 2013 attack piece: “My stalker’s demonstrated pathology fits that of a criminal.” Since Ms. Wilson has inserted this subject into the discussion, I note that Ms. Wilson makes numerous statements about her own mental state in especially TAJ and IF1, if the reader really needs to look for them.

“Demonization” of Ms. Wilson’s “Opponents”: Tendencies in the cyber-book seem to run towards “demonizing” those who have crossed the author in some way. Often generalizations are made covering a whole group of people from the perceived bad treatment by or behavior of a few. We are regaled with “satanic” hunters (IF1, page 137); the “Twins from Hell” (two of three abductees whom she claims were “stalkers” -- IF1, page 39), the “Hoofed One” (her husband’s boss - IF1, page 173); the “Decider” (George Bush? --IF1, page 148 – removed from IF2); the whole population of “The City of Fraud” (Charlotte, North Carolina – IF1, page 135); all of the Wilsons’ North Carolina neighbors (IF1, page 197; but we later find out that one of those families shared the Wilsons’ disgust at the horrendous mistreatment of animals Ms. Wilson recounts); television networks she finds biased (IF1, page 258 – one might ask which networks aren’t biased?); attorneys (IF1, page 136); a large proportion of what she calls “shrinks” (“Don’t Trust Just Any Shrink” - IF1, page 21); the “backward bubbas” she claims inhabit the local Sheriff’s department (IF1, page 137; the local peace officers who took no action against local hunters about whom the Wilsons had complained); local “trailer trash” (IF1, page 137); what she terms “speceists” (people she claims do not care about the Earth and its inhabitants - IF1, page 135); and even a group which she avoids naming “directly” but which she connects with terrorism (IF1, page 251).

The hardening of the attitudes and judgments that occur in IF1 seems reminiscent of those of the doctrinaire religious fundamentalism that Ms. Wilson claims she detests. This gets carried to extremes, in our opinion: an April 2014 Wilson post ascribes problems in the abduction community, including the taking down of websites, to death threats and cyberstalking coming from supposed “jealous and raucous alien abductees” who are the tools of “telepathic beings with ultra-technology.” References to “hatred” also pop up from time to time, for instance in IF1, page 107: “I hate people and Beings who harm or experiment on animals.” The point here is that this black-and-white way of looking at and labeling the world is not limited to the matter that separates us and the Wilsons, but may have been imported into the equation.

A Sense of “Mission”: We have earlier noted Ms. Wilson’s claim that the aliens told her that she was their “emissary”. Apparently these statements generated some negative comment in the UFO community, and Ms. Wilson attempted to answer this in IF2 (p. 7). While I have not had access to these apparently critical comments, I can note Ms. Wilson’s high notion of her significance to the whole abduction phenomenon (IF1, page 45: “My travels with the Beings and my mission in life have made me different from most humans”). Attempts to make sense out of truly ambiguous data and multiple levels of experiences in several different types of realities, a seeking of “truth” or an idiosyncratic version of it, and a sense of “mission” (IF1, page 54: “We are to awake a sleeping world to the aliens’ presence”) are themes permeating these works. Ms. Wilson even sees herself as doing the same thing in another dimension. The books, especially IF1, also include attempts to identify with the work of some of the most prominent researchers in the field, alive and passed (IF1, page 55: Karla Turner, Betty Andreasson Luca, etc. and others; and IF1, page 59: the “group of 12”).

Ms. Wilson and “Infallibility”: A review of her books, particularly IF1, indicates that Ms. Wilson trusts explicitly, not just implicitly, in the inerrant quality of her judgments. In spite of the ambiguous nature universally ascribed to alien and military abductions, “teaching dreams”, and experiences everywhere in between, Ms. Wilson has apparently developed the confidence that she always knows when something is true and when it isn’t. (See for instance IF1 p. 57, where Ms. Wilson sees telepathically over the phone what’s in another individual’s mind; and, perhaps more tellingly, RS pp. 102f, in which an alien tells Ms. Wilson that many “experiences” are just dreams, but she feels he is being deceptive – and she knows he is lying.) Note also the addition in IF2 to the IF1 remark “but we survived the year 2000”: “as I knew we would” (133/130). In this connection it is reasonable to ask why Ms. Wilson took so long to recognize the supposedly years’ or decades’ long deception she claims of her “stalker”.

Yet Ms. Wilson is seemingly willing, on the mere basis of an intuition, to pillory another human being who once trusted her. It then becomes necessary for her to interpret everything that subsequently happens in terms of this intuition. If one claims to be “wise and knowing in these things” (IF1, page 232), one cannot admit an important, failed judgment or prophecy. Perhaps this is one reason why Ms. Wilson is trying to remove her “E-book” from circulation, as her broad hints about the significance of the year 2012 (in addition to 2020 and 2040) did not come to fruition (IF1, page 237).  

Ms. Wilson’s Concept of “Truth”: Perhaps Wilson’s own statements provide some understanding of her idiosyncratic approach to “truth”. She claims to be a “seeker of truth” (IF1, page 45: “I am a seeker of Truth.”), and to have a charge to tell the “truth” – her truth, to the world (IF1, page 17: “You must keep to your own truths of your experiences with us. We depend on you. You are our emissary.”) In one passage Ms. Wilson even seems to recognize that what she is relating might not seem believable to others, but emphasizes that it was REAL – to her (IF1, p. 53: ”It is indeed subjective and disjointed, but for me, these experiences were and remain so REAL.”) While this does not make something actually true in the real world, it apparently is enough for Ms. Wilson that she believes it in her own world.

I assert that a person so imbued with a sense of her mission and self-importance cannot afford to appear fallible in an important instance, and this may not allow her to realize or admit a gross mistake once that error has gone public. We at least do not foresee Ms. Wilson recanting the charges she has made against us.


For almost two years now, these accusations, born from not a reasoned conclusion but an admitted “flashbulb moment”, have remained on the web. The comments have been repeated by others that my wife’s accuser would label “minions” were they working in our behalf. And numerous things – blog topics, artwork, comments regarding the artwork, the very day that we went to make the complaint against Ms. Wilson, my wife defending herself in her much shorter and more professional May 2013 response to Wilson’s seven-page March 29, 2013 diatribe, my wife’s advice to be careful entrusting one’s materials to an abduction researcher without checking them out first, even my wife’s publishing of a list of the charges Ms. Wilson herself had made – these things have been bent and distorted to fit the fantasy that has been constructed. What arrogance in the Wilsons’ complaint to the Sergeant after the May 2013 response that they thought my wife had “moved on”. Does anyone honestly think that Ms. Wilson, or any sane person, would endure being publicly branded a cyberstalker, identity thief, a maker of death threats, a drunk, etc., and in response would just say “Don’t worry; be happy” or, even worse, nothing, and let these smears remain on the Internet forever unanswered?

It appears that a person who once had a large and varied website for some reason or reasons decided to remove her materials from the Internet. We have not seen the contents of these three “web blogs” that person talks about. We do know that Katharina Wilson took her own site down by her own means, while making provocative statements against her supposed “stalker”. Is it possible that Ms. Wilson really does not fear retribution from some outside agent?

The Michigan Detective was apparently shown at least one – the claimed most seriously offensive -- of the three (or six, or whatever number) blogs that the Wilsons complained about. We believe that their exchanges were over the phone and Internet. I suggest that this blog site could have been created by anyone, particularly now that there is no remaining evidence of its existence.

The Detective theorized that there was a third party who was antagonizing the Wilsons and causing trouble thereby for us. We acknowledge the officer’s expertise. But since our visit to the Sheriff’s Office on May 14, 2013 and the present, one would have expected that at least some kind of activity by a putative third party cyber-stalker might have surfaced. The type of psychopath Ms. Wilson has sketched surely should be expected to have supped on this angst and tried to fan it further. But as far as we can tell, that supposed free agent has either gone into deep cover, has lost his job, or been promoted to a new position within the [insert “CIA”, “NSA”, or whatever acronym you might prefer], or never existed in the first place.

The Alien Jigsaw cyberstalking affair might have been a creation of rather than an evil visited upon the Wilsons. I offer but do not insist upon the above as a possible explanation for the evil that has been visited upon us. Whether Ms. Wilson’s original error was trusting too much in her intuition or emotions and fastening upon an innocent person as her “cyberstalker”, or spawned from a cold miscalculation that she could make a scapegoat out of my wife in an effort to shore up a sagging career, and that my wife would be too timid to respond to the character assassination, Ms. Wilson’s failure to own up to her mistake has occasioned these rejoinders. 


I believe that the following points have been demonstrated in our responses to the charges leveled against us by Katharina Wilson and her husband:

1)      These serious charges are false and unsupported by any evidence.

2)      Up to four different legal agencies the Wilsons claim to have contacted refused to pursue their charges.

3)      The one law enforcement officer who has evaluated information supplied by both the Wilsons and the Murphys does not believe my wife is a guilty party.

4)      Katharina Wilson threatened to carry out, and claimed to have so done, actions she considers stalking behavior, while all the while claiming that my wife was “the stalker”.

5)      Vicious, “Anonymous” communications intended to continue the stalking behavior against my wife may be traced to a very small group of individuals tightly connected with Ms. Wilson, and the evidence most indicates they stem from Katharina Wilson herself, in spite of the Wilsons’ claims to the contrary.

6)      Subsequent legal efforts, signed under oath by the Wilsons, to take down my wife’s proper rejoinders to their charges, have been shown to vary from the full facts.

7)      Katharina Wilson’s two major diatribes are replete with slick rhetorical devices intended to substitute for and hide the lack of factual and logical argumentation.

8)      Many of the charges levied by the Wilsons against us appear transferred from themes in Katharina Wilson’s previous major works.

9)      Emendations made by “the editors” and approved by Katharina Wilson show, in addition to the desire to remove information of a personal nature and potentially damaging to her credibility, a disturbing disregard for the kind of accuracy necessary from a true researcher.

Some of those who have had the patience to read this series may feel I have been unduly harsh against Ms. Wilson’s actions. They may think that instancing all these individual cases of misstatements and illogicalities is “piling on”. I – we – never intended to do anything to the Wilsons, nor did we do any of the things of which we have been accused. If you believe any of what I have here provided may be true, then please also believe this: again; we possess evidence and ancillary information that goes well beyond what has been here put forth. That we have not published such is not due to weakness, nor is it due any more to consideration for someone whom we regard as at best a confused and jealous person with an enabling husband. We believe that travesties such as this tarnish ufology’s public image, an image that certainly could be improved. We also believe that the UFO community must be made aware when such evils arise, that lessons should be learned from their outcomes, and the community move forward a little more prudently. We want to put out our side of the story, let even-minded people make their own judgments, be done with this, and move on. But we will have had our say in the matter. We do not want to see anyone else go through what we have endured.

William Murphy Jr.