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Friday, October 17, 2014

When Faced with Ongoing Harassment – Follow the Law

The following has been approved by my copyright and trial attorneys.

When Faced with Ongoing Harassment – Follow the Law

In my first post, "Internet Relationships and the Danger they Pose," regarding my harassment from the person known as Katharina Wilson, AJ, K Wilson or Kay Wilson, I stated this would be a long road to write about what happened to me. I don't want to see what happened to me to happen to anyone else. It is hard enough to deal with situations that are intensely private and personal to you regarding a fully misunderstood phenomenon such as the subject of UFOs and the devastating impact it can have on people's lives. It is unimaginable when that trust is betrayed beyond anything you could have ever imagined. No one could possibly imagine what this has been like unless it has happened to you.

This post contains: 

  • A review of how Wilson publicly outed my name, alias, geographic location, and personal information shortly after the breakup of our friendship. These are documents anyone can look up from the chilling effects database.

  • How Wilson contradicts herself in legal documents from the chilling effects database regarding her release of my personal information.

  • That Wilson continued accusations that her stalker had been reported to authorities after a police detective called the Wilsons about her harassment claims in May 2013.

  • Why I removed my blogs regarding my personal experiences.

  • How the attacks continued on November 2013 on The Alien Jigsaw website.

  • Discussion of the Cease and Desist letters sent to the Wilsons from my attorneys regarding harassing communications in November 2013.

  • How a pdf file started to circulate on the web regarding Wilson's claims of harassment by her "stalker."

  • Evidence that Wilson defied the Cease and Desist letters.

From my previous post, "Puzzle Publishing Attempts to Silence My Voice," Katharina Wilson filed two DMCA complaints against two of my statements -- one titled "Internet Relationships and the Danger they Pose," and "Who Killed the Alien Jigsaw and Why Creates Shock and Betrayal." 

In both of these legal, sworn statements, Wilson states that:

Puzzle Publishing - We have never published the name, sex, geographic location or any other private information related to the person Linda Murphy / Elsie Conner refers to as the stalker. This is the second time she has accused us of doing this. The first time we ignored her.  [Emphasis mine].

Note: it is clear that "The first time" refers to my May 2013 response, which I reposted two blogs ago (also see below).

Puzzle Publishing - We have never published the name, sex, geographic location or any other private information related to the person Linda Murphy / Elsie Conner refers to as “the stalker.” This is the third time Linda Murphy has accused us…..

At the end of each DMCA complaint, the person has to sign off on this statement:

"The information in this notification is accurate, and I swear, under penalty of perjury, that I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed."

Wilson's DMCA complaints stating they did not release my name, sex, geographic location or any other private information are contradicted by her DMCA complaints filed in the chilling effects database from February 2013.

As I have shown, anyone can look up the DMCAs that The Alien Jigsaw filed in early February 2013 where Wilson published my alias and my attorney's name. There are actually two DMCAs in the chillingeffects.org database from early February 2013 which contain this information, thereby releasing personal private information I had specifically asked her to keep confidential. Anyone can look up my attorney's name in the chillingeffects.org database and see what my legal name is. Anyone can see the approximate geographic location where I live by looking up my attorney. Since I don't think there are males who are generally named "Linda", it is easy to see that by her own hand, Wilson did release my name, alias, approximate geographic location, sex, and personal private information I had asked her to keep confidential. These DMCA documents are not coming down. This is a legal database. These DMCAs are a part of the public record. These actions were done less than two weeks after the breakup of our friendship. The backlash against me was immediate, public, and permanent.

I have already shown that the Wilsons' statement in one DMCA dated June 4 2014 that they ignored me is flatly untrue. The day after I posted my response article "The Alien Jigsaw, Cyberstalking, and Personal Safety on the Web," Katharina's husband wrote an email to the detective complaining about my statement.

Within days of my statement from May 29th 2013 "The Alien Jigsaw, Cyberstalking, and Personal Safety on the Web," the Wilsons submitted more DMCAs to the chillingeffects.org database claiming they had reported their cyberstalker to authorities and more mention was made of "death threats."

There are several of these kinds of statements which strengthen the contention that despite the police detective saying that it was his professional opinion that there was a third party involved, Wilson viewed and/or continued to publicize me as her "stalker".

Below are examples of what these DMCAs contain.

Wilson - "BOTH the TEXT and IMAGE on this page are copyrighted and are published here in violation of Puzzle Publishing's copyrights. Please remove both the text and image. These types of pages are being posted by a CYBER STALKER who has been reported to authorities."

June – August 2013

To recap: by June 2013, I had suffered several months of relentless and flatly untrue accusations by Katharina Wilson. I kept my attorneys apprised of everything I knew was going on. With all that I had endured, I had only made one short statement, and it had been approved by my attorneys, regarding the entire Alien Jigsaw stalking mess. I felt that since no statement was forthcoming from the Alien Jigsaw website regarding all of the accusations against me, I had to make a statement about what had happened. I wanted nothing to do with these people and I wanted the Wilsons to leave me alone.

I am positive that all stalking victims feel this way. They just want it to end and move forward with their lives without the harassment. I have never experienced this kind of obsessive behavior before and I was bewildered by it. This type of neurotic conduct is something people can't fully comprehend unless it happens to them. I am thankful that I have a loving, supporting family and a professional legal team that have guided me through these extremely difficult times.

After everything that happened since the end of the friendship between Katharina Wilson and myself from January 2013, I realized that I had never known the person I had been communicating with off and on for many years. It really scared me because she had so much of my personal information and materials and now I had no way to contact her and I had no idea who she really was. Based on the Wilsons' response to my May 2013 blog post "The Alien Jigsaw, Cyberstalking and Personal Safety on the Web ", I felt that for some reason, Katharina was still fixated on blaming me for her personal and internet problems. Since I had no way to contact the Wilsons, I didn't feel reassured that the harassment would stop.

Based upon the evidence of how the Wilsons handled our communications with the police detective, the filing of new DMCAs mentioning how her "stalker" had been reported to authorities after the detective had called them to talk about the situation, and the obsession Wilson had shown towards my blog posts, I expected that sooner or later the harassment would start up again. And from what I had read about obsessional stalking behaviors, I had to expect the persecution would return since I saw no indication the Wilsons were trying to find out what had really happened regarding their harassment claims.

This turned out to be the case as the next several months passed.

I also realized that Katharina Wilson was deeply obsessed with my blogs. Everything I wrote seemed to have special meaning for her, including my occasional use of quotations, and she saw what I wrote as threats. The timing of my blog posts had special meaning for her, as seen in her statements in "Who Killed the Alien Jigsaw and Why" from March 29, 2013. Other people were being incited by Wilson's website and my personal information was being posted in various places on the internet. Some of this information was posted on my birthday and some used a variation of my husband's name. A further concerning item: in Wilson's March 2013 article, she claimed she made a "mirror" of my blog. All of this behavior seemed extreme and utterly confusing. Again, with all of this accumulating evidence, I had a strong suspicion that whatever was going on with the Wilsons, it was not going to stop.

So, taking into consideration the Wilsons' response to the detective, what I learned about stalking behaviors, and evidence from the March 29 2013 diatribe and other internet attacks involving multiple websites and forums, I decided to turn my blog towards a new direction and I removed the posts that talked about some of my personal experiences and how I felt about them. This included the blog post about The Alien Jigsaw cyberstalking issue. This post had therefore been online for just around two months. Removing these posts came down to concerns for my personal safety and for the safety of my family and I still had no idea what was going on with the Wilsons. Being stalked and harassed like this is beyond horrifying and creepy. I have no idea how far these people are willing to go and I just wanted it to stop. I wanted them to leave me alone and move on with their lives.

All four law enforcement agencies Wilson had purportedly reported me to were a dead end for her. I don't know who the other three agencies were but we didn't hear anything from anybody. In spite of Wilson's claims, there was no criminal case. Given their lack of real legal follow through it appeared to me that the Wilsons just wanted to brand me as the perpetrator of things that offended them and hoped that a prosecutor would go with it. This is poor understanding of the law. This also shows a severe lack of understanding of cyberstalking and what it takes to find evidence and prosecute such cases.

September - October 2013

I turned my attention to getting the "anonymous" comments publishing my personal information removed from the Internet. I want to thank everyone who graciously took down the ugly comments when I contacted them. Thank you.

The events which have transpired up to this time are still inconceivable to me. I allowed Katharina Wilson to post some of my materials on her website, I had a blog on the internet. I had confided and communicated with one person and it turned into this. I don't have or want any kind of fancy web presence or anything like that. How could somebody be so obsessed and threatened by my little blog? How did everything turn into some kind of threatening stalking behavior with all the twists and turns of some kind of tortured conspiracy theory?

The fact that someone could report me to four law enforcement agencies, post attacks on me on multiple websites and forums, publish accusations in DMCAs which are legal, sworn documents, release my personal information in DMCAs, demonstrate obsession over my blogs and my personal information, and post a disturbing "stalker" image that she drew to depict me had the effect of totally creeping me out. I did not feel safe. I have never had anyone obsess over me like this. It is an unbelievably eerie feeling and I just wanted it to stop.

I want to make another comment about "The Alien Jigsaw Stalker" image that Katharina drew. I discovered a DMCA from Wilson which contains an interesting statement. I am posting it here since it was dated October 15, 2013. It contains a paragraph that is worth mentioning:

Wilson - "Neither Ms. Wilson nor Puzzle Publishing would ever misrepresent someone in this manner."

While I have no idea what specifics the above statements refer to, from all the evidence I have presented so far, I argue that K. Wilson and Puzzle Publishing have misrepresented me by her many statements on her website, The Alien Jigsaw, in forums, other websites, DMCA notices, and the "stalker" image which has been posted on multiple websites.

I can't imagine what state of mind someone would have to be in to sit down and draw a "stalker" depiction of me based upon a painting I had allowed her to post on her website. I trusted her with my materials. Then to publish that "stalker" image on the internet: this behavior is beyond my comprehension. These tactics of using elements from my artwork and my blogs to point to me as "her stalker" are so disturbing and horrifying.

November 2013

I had hoped that once I took my personal account blogs down, including my statement regarding the Alien Jigsaw, the harassment would stop. I published a few blogs and worked with people to get the ugly comments removed revealing my personal information. Then I published a blog on November 11 2013 and the very next day the personal attacks on me started up again on Katharina's website.  For someone who has accused me of posting blogs on particular times and dates to indicate a special meaning, she is showing that this behavior is her pattern, not mine. Wilson posted this quote at the top of the page:

AJ - "A Mantis Stalking a Cicada is Unaware of the Oriole Behind" – Chinese Proverb…….."

This quote on Wilson's website really stunned me. Not only is she using a quotation, which is something I had been attacked for by her, but here she is also admitting to stalking me. I don't understand any of this. Throughout the entire year, I was blamed for leaving "electronic breadcrumbs" everywhere by the timing of my blog posts and some other strange activity on the internet. I believe the reality is the exact reverse: I post a blog and the day after I am attacked on her website and accused again of being a "stalker". I am attacked by "anonymous" comments on my birthday. The evidence shows that the exact reverse of Katharina's claims about being the victim of stalking by me is actually happening to me.

I informed my attorney of the new attacks. The "stalker" image was back up on The Alien Jigsaw website and this is when Katharina claimed that I had gone on a planned breakdown trip out of overwhelming guilt to the police station on her birthday. Wilson also ridiculed my claim that I was being harassed.

What follows is a direct contradiction to Katharina's sworn statement from two DMCAs filed in the chillingeffects.org database on June 4 and June 26 2014 where she states "The first time we ignored her."

What follows is not ignoring me in any way, shape or form as Wilson claims in her June 4 2014 DMCA complaint.

This is the statement from her website The Alien Jigsaw from November 2013:

AJ - "… our stalker, obviously overwhelmed with guilt, walked into their local police station and had a "breakdown" in the lobby. In the end, no action was taken against our stalker, even though they chose their victim's birthday as the day to act out their supposed "breakdown." If that were not bad enough, in an astonishing turn of events, our stalker then claimed they were the one being stalked..."

I guess somehow I persuaded an officer of the law I was not an evil stalker because I was upset? I don't think a detective who is expert in solving rapes and murders would be very good at his job if he were persuaded by someone who was "upset". And how many people have had to walk into a police station and report internet harassment and stalking perpetrated by another individual regarding incredibly sensitive personal issues on a socially taboo topic like UFOs? If someone belittles what it takes to have to do this and ridicules someone trying to protect their own safety, then look to the source.

I will also note that I have police officers as witnesses as to what transpired in that police station. Wilson's characterization of what happened is fantasy. I went to the police station for one reason: to file a police report against Katharina Wilson. I have followed the law every step of the way. I have hired attorneys to help me with this harassment debacle perpetrated by the Wilsons. The Wilsons can't claim the same thing. They refuse to obtain legal counsel even at the advice of law enforcement. They refuse to make contact to even try and clear this up. They continue to accuse me of being the stalker even though the detective had told them it was his professional opinion that I was not involved. If someone is really getting death threats, they would do everything and anything to get this problem resolved and the Wilsons refuse to do it. I believe after all this time, a true picture is forming of the actual chain of events ever since our friendship ended in January 2013.

Wilson's claim that she is my victim and I chose her birthday to have a planned breakdown at the police station is totally absurd and beyond belief. As I have stated before in a previous post in this series, the day we went to the police station was not chosen as she suggests. This is real life and multiple arrangements have to be made to get time off work, and prepare a police report which is vetted through my attorneys. I am the one who is following the law. I included the calendar date of our trip to the police station as part of my standard practice of providing a timeline of the major events in this mess. I never mentioned the date of my police visit in my original statement. Wilson is the one who made a huge deal out of the date by accusing me of purposely choosing her birthday to go to the police in her November 2013 attacks against me.

Wilson filed another DMCA complaint against my blog on July 23 2014 complaining I had published personal and private information including her birthday. This makes a total of three DMCA complaints Wilson has filed against my blog since my statements regarding this cyberstalking issue were published. Yet the Wilsons are incapable of contacting my attorneys or obtaining legal counsel of their own. I believe the reasons are self-evident.

I could include a lot more about what was said by the authorities about Katharina's behavior.

More accusations from Wilson were published on her website. Wilson claims that continued stalking and harassment were being perpetrated on them which included posts of copyrighted, personal, and private information regarding them. Wilson claims that their "stalker" somehow had specific types of information removed from her website, The Alien Jigsaw.

AJ - "... Apparently, it was not enough for our stalker to have specific types of information removed from this site. It has become clear to us that nothing short of a permanent closing will satisfy our stalker and their minions who continue to post any and everything they can get their hands on…"

I have no idea what this is about, as stated above. First of all, I do not have "minions" and I will say it again, I was only communicating with one person in the UFO community regarding my personal experiences and information. That person was the person known as Katharina Wilson. 

It was Wilson herself who removed my art gallery from her website on her own initiative. I thanked her for doing so after she sent me an email stating she had done this. I did not get a chance to discuss my remaining materials on her website since she cut off all communication with me in January 2013. I had nothing to do with her decision to remove any materials from her website.

Wilson described how DMCAs would continue to be filed against their stalker and their "minions" who post materials from her website. Wilson proceeded to claim that she would publish the IP addresses, names, blogs and content of posts to warn other people. Anyone can check these DMCA filings themselves and see the various types of websites she complains about. I don't see how one person is behind all these various websites from all over the world who have posted any of her materials from her website over the many years.

The breakup of our friendship was over my copyrighted material being lifted from her website and I hired a copyright law firm to help me have my materials removed from websites that did not have permission to post my materials. She became furious when I did this as I recounted in my first two statements in this blog series. As it turned out, some of these websites which were posting my material were operated by friends of hers, a fact I was not aware of at the time. I do not post copyrighted material from any website. I am an advocate for the prevention of misuse of copyrighted materials on the internet. I did the extra step of hiring a copyright law firm to follow the law in these matters. I took a stand against copyright infringement and I do not violate it. I have never posted anything from her website other than fair use materials in order to defend myself and respond to the serious charges that Katharina Wilson has made against me.

When I posted my blog post on The Alien Jigsaw cyberstalking mess in May 2013, I defended the Wilsons' right to have their website and be able to run it as they see fit without threats, intimidation, and the fear of personal, life-altering attacks. Even after everything they did to me, I had defended their right to have a website. After I reposted my original statement this past August 20 2014, Wilson attempted to have my posts removed by filing DMCAs against my blog.

All of the materials I have used have been cleared by my attorneys. If Wilson has a problem with any of these statements, she can contact my attorneys at any time to clear this up. I would love to see the names, blogs, IP addresses and the content of the posts that Wilson takes issue with as claimed from the statement she published on November 12 2013 -- and so would my attorneys.

Wilson persists in claiming that I was perpetrating stalking against two people and trying to bring down another website. I have never tried to take down a website in my life and these charges are absurd.

As far as Katharina Wilson ridiculing my harassment in the November 2013 statements on her website, I have never ridiculed her pain for what she claims to have been going through with these website blogs. I object to what she has done to me. I repeat, I have never mocked her pain and anguish, even with everything she has put me through, but she has no problem ridiculing my claims of harassment. If you have read my previous posts regarding this entire episode, I believe I have made it very clear about the types of harassment I was experiencing on the internet. Some of this harassment was directed at me from Wilson's own website and how she can think this is not classified as harassment is beyond me.

This next statement made by Katharina Wilson on her website is just bizarre. In my opinion Wilson is admitting that what she has done to me was excessive and extreme. She was "out to teach me a lesson." These continued charges that I am stalking other people and she somehow knows what this "plan" is for other researchers are very frightening.

AJ – "…..we pray our stalker has learned a lesson and does not follow through with their plans they had for other researchers like us."

Let me emphasize, do not give anyone who claims to be a "researcher" any of your personal information without full vetting. Do not trust internet only relationships. It can cost you dearly.

I would never have posted any of these current statements if Katharina Wilson would have just let me go and moved on after I removed my May 29 2013 statement at the end of July 2013. It became clear into 2014 that she would not stop publicly blaming me for her personal and internet problems. I don't have put up with that.

In late 2013, a pdf file began circulating to websites containing the materials posted on Wilson's website featuring my harassment. A pdf file is meant for mass distribution.

In November 2013, a contributor to the Alien Jigsaw website published a statement "On the [L]loss of the ALIEN JIGSAW and It's [sic] Contributions to Abduction Research". He writes that "I only know AJ through her books and publications, her website ‘Alien Jigsaw,’ and through a couple of years of intermittent email communications." This had also been my mistake. I had relied on what Wilson wrote in her books and published on her website. I only met her once and that was briefly at the 1994 MUFON Symposium. One of the major points I want to stress to anyone who reaches out to communicate with anyone with important personal information, you must personally meet with them and verify with whom you are communicating. 90% of how we communicate is visual. This is a critical component in communicating with people.

Another one of the contributor's points is "While I cannot fathom the reason(s) for cruelty directed toward AJ and her work….." I can't fathom the reason for cruelty either. I never did any of the horrible things Wilson accused me of. It is obvious with the statements published by other people and with her own actions that she pointed the finger directly at me and nothing could be crueler than that. I had trusted her with my personal, private information and she turned it into something I don't recognize. I don't have to take that.

By November 2013 I had discovered Katharina's true contact information as a result of clues gained in the process of responding to her actions against me, including our police visit. With the start of Wilson's renewed persecution, my copyright attorneys contacted my local police department to report that my harassment had started up again. Then my attorneys sent a Cease and Desist letter regarding her harassing communications both to Katharina's home and post office box addresses. In part the letter reads, "This letter is a formal attempt to ask you to stop making false accusations of alleged stalking and alleged illegal activity."

There were signed receipts for both addresses. The first letter was received on November 26, 2013. The second one sent to the post office box was received on November 29, 2013. Later in the day on November 29, the attacks on me were removed and a single web page was put up that did not have anything to do with me.

December 2013

My primary copyright attorney called me on December 2, 2013 and informed me that Wilson had put The Alien Jigsaw "stalker" image back up on her website. I was told it was at the very bottom of the page. This was proof that Wilson defied the Cease and Desist letter and did not do the honorable thing. Wilson demonstrated disregard for the law and what is right. I never would have known that if I had not gotten a call from my attorney about it.

On December 5, 2013, my attorney called to tell me that Wilson's website had once again been taken down. All I felt was confusion and disbelief about the entire affair.

When 2014 begins, the accusations, obsessions, and harassment continue. This is part of the definition of stalking. Stalking behaviors happen over time. In spite of the continuing harassment and accusations, I still did not publish any further statements at the time. With the advice of my copyright attorneys and the mounting evidence of continual harassment perpetrated by Katharina Wilson for unknown reasons, I hired a trial attorney to review my options in order to get this harassment to stop.


I do not post to other blogs, web sites, or news sites and I rarely ever post comments to other blogs. If anyone sees anything supposedly posted by me or any other unusual activity, please contact me. Especially those who know of these other website blogs I have been accused of creating since I do not know their locations. My comment moderation is enabled for all comments left on my blog. I will keep communications confidential.

The Wilsons have had an opportunity for the past year and a half to make contact with my attorney but they have never done so. They appear to still refuse to obtain an attorney even on the advice of law enforcement to discover the truth.

If anyone has links to these website blogs or knows anything about them, please contact me. My legal team wants to investigate them. I want to see these blogs. I want to see what I have been accused of doing. If anyone has any information at all about any of this, please let me know.  If you have saved web pages, please send me those. If you have any emails or snail mail that would help in this investigation, please send me those. If anyone has gotten a snail mail, even a postmark could help. The Wilsons could send my attorney some of this information but they do not appear to have the courage to do it. Instead, according to Katharina's March 2013 article, she has asked people to destroy emails – evidence that could exonerate me and point to the true source of their claimed cyberstalking.

If you have any material which would help with this investigation, I will put you in direct contact with my attorneys so you can send information directly to them.

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